Executive Director of Irbard Security Consult, Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim has started a campaign on the need of the Youth to stop Sports Betting.
His message is quite simple and that is that, ‘life is not a game of chance’.
For this course, Mr Irbard has mounted a billboard in town to preach this gospel.
See photo below:
stop betting
Below are some disadvantages of Sports betting:
1. Addiction
2. Don’t have time for family
3. Every people will doubt you and notice sudden change in you which is not good
4. Gambling is bad …making money through tips is good
5. It becomes your full time job and u would not be able to draw ur attention on other thing
6. Loss of sleep if u lose..Health problems like headache, heart attack etc.
7. You lose your money at certain point because ultimately everyone want to be billionaire in order to do that u have to bet all…u will think like go big or go home at certain stage