Veteran Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki, has reiterated a prediction he made about his life two years ago.

The actor predicted in an interview that he will not live past 2024 stating “I won’t die through an accident, I will die peacefully. You will come to find me lying cool in my room.”

This, he said, is based on a covenant and personal plea he had with God to succumb after a life well lived.

Confident in the power of God to uphold covenants, Oboy Siki said he will start making plans for his funeral next year.

Speaking on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall, the veteran actor said that he feels in his spirit that he has accomplished all that he was destined for, and it will be better if he dies than to waste on earth.

Should he fail to die come 2024, Oboy Siki said he will live an undisciplined life and be a thorn in the flesh of all who know him.

Source: Adomonline

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