The general overseer and founder of the Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, has declared a one-week fasting with prayers for all members ahead of his visit to Nogokpo.

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, on Sunday, June 4, 2023, declared that there will be a one-week fast starting from on the 5th to the 11th of June and expect all pastors, elders, deacons deaconesses and all church members to participate.

According to him, He said, he believes God Almighty is our helper, our rock and the one we look up to. Archbishop Charles Agyinasare urge all branches to join this one week fast.

The general overseer and founder of the Perez Chapel International garnered massive attention in the last few days over his remarks, which many said denigrated the town in Ketu South Municipal.

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Archbishop Agyin-Asare made a U-turn on his recent commentary against them, however, it appears the traditional leaders are not appeased. They want a one-on-one peace talk with Archbishop Agyin-Asare to voice out their concerns and educate him on what Nogokpo stands for.


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