A woman has been left incredibly confused and furious after DNA test result proved her man is not the father of her child – despite claiming she hasn’t cheated.

Ama Ernestina and man Fredrick Gyamfi appeared on Mama Effe Obra show on Nhyira Fm after a DNA test result conducted for them stated paternity excluded.

After the results was read to the couple, Ama Ernestina revealed she not will accept a DNA test result stating that her man Fredrick Gyamfi is not the father of her child.

According to her, Fredrick Gyamfi is the only man she has been with and she won’t have even gone ahead with test if she knows the child does not belong to her man.

A video has surfaced online with Ama Ernestina angrily fighting and cursing Fredrick Gyamfi to accept her child else he won’t be able to give birth again in his life.

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