Shatta Wale ex girlfriend, Shatta Michy has debunks rumors of her hiding her son Majesty from his father, Shatta Wale.

Michy in an interview on Showtym hosted by Andy Dosty, alleged that the father of her only child has made no effort in seeing their child.

According to her, when it comes to seeing her son Majesty, Shatta Wale haven’t made that effort. She is taking everything cool because its one of those things. Shatta Wale knows her house and has he phone number, why will she prevent him.

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Michy mentioned that Shatta Wale has failed to engage her in what she termed as “proper and matured communication” when it comes to their son.

“My son hasn’t shown any sign of missing his father. We don’t have discussions and so I can not tell. My son is quite satisfied in life and I don’t think he has a reason to look for that, you know. Proper communication is what’s stopping him from seeing his son. Matured communication is what he’s lacking, there is more to do on that side”, Michy said to Andy Dosty.

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