A man with name called Steven Essel has impregnated his stepdaughter and has butchered her for not cooperating with him to abort the pregnancy.

This sad incident happened at Kasoa Black gate on May 31, 2023. According to an insider, Steven Essel started flirting with his stepdaughter, the daughter reported her stepfather to her mum about it. Her mum threaten her to stop fabricating lies on her husband else she will be sent back to her biological father.

Steven Essel continue flirting with her stepdaughter which resulted into a pregnancy. The father who wants to avoid disgrace gave her stepdaughter money to terminated the pregnancy which the daughter failed to do so.

Steven Essel after several attempt to get her stepdaughter abort the pregnancy has been in vain, he had no option than to end his daughter’s life.

Steven Essel and his wife are currently on a man hunt by the police after the incident. The stepdaughter on the other hand is also receiving treatment at the hospital.



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