A group known as the 4Kings, comprised of lookalikes of Kuami Eugene, King Promise, Mr. Drew, and Medikal has revealed the amount of money they will charge to perform on a show.

In a recent interview on Akoma FM, the 4Kings revealed it will cost 10K for anyone who wants to bill them to perform on a show.

According to them, the 10K they are even charging is simply because they are still new in this system but very soon it will shoot up to 50K

Watch video below;

Tagged the 4 Kings, the group have been allegedly imitating the style and mannerisms of celebrities and even performing their songs in public.

While impersonating a celebrity or popular figure may be considered a harmless gesture as has been the case all over the world, it can also have serious consequences for artists who rely on their image and brand to build a successful career.

According to a legal expert, celebrity impersonators can also damage an artist’s reputation by giving subpar performances or engaging in inappropriate behavior, but they can also infringe on the artist’s intellectual property rights by using their image or music without permission.

A celebrity can also sue a lookalike for impersonating them which could lead to 20 years in prison.

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