A young Ghanaian man named George has dragged his wife to Aunty Naa’s Oyerepa Afutuo show for cheating on him with three different men just 9 months after their wedding.

According to George who claims he’s a long-journey driver, his wife, Rejoice, was first secretly cheating on him with her ex-lover whom she told was no longer married.

But he later got to know that she was in an affair with two other men plus her ex-lover making the total number of her known secret lovers 3.

Apparently, anytime he left home at sunset for work, his wife also left home to spend the night with her ex-boyfriend and the two other men.

Aside from her ex-boyfriend whom she was sleeping with, she was also in a secret affair with two other men.

Out of the three men, two have confirmed sleeping with Rejoice including her ex-boyfriend who was to she told was now a divorcee.

Surprisingly, Rejoice’s family has told him that their daughter is no longer interested in their marriage and has given her to another man.

They have also refused to return the alcohol he presented to the family which symbolizes their union.

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Source: Ghpage

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