Rockstar, Kuami Eugene lookalike named Steve Quamz has responds to the musician recent video calling our his lookalikes to check out his new hairstyle and asked how they are going to go about it.

Steve Quamz within the space of 2 days has responded with a video of him in a hairstyle identical to Rockstar’s own since he is claiming to be his lookalike.

This has set social media on a frenzy with netizens saying this lookalike really means business among other comments.

Watch video below;

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Kuami Eugene on May 15, 2023, took to his instragram to question his lookalikes about what they are going to do about his changed of hairstyle, leaving fans in anticipation.

The much-anticipated response from his lookalike came earlier has expected as he has also gone to his social media page to display his new hairstyle which is identical to the Rockstar’s own with the caption, “I’m done”.

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