The annual ban on noise-making and drumming set by the Ga Traditional Council commerce today, May 15 to June 15, 2023, in some parts of the Greater Accra region.

The ban affects any form of noise-making, including the use of loudspeakers, drums, tambourines, funeral rites and roadside evangelism.

The ban of noise-making and drumming are part of the preparation towards the celebration of the Ga Homowo festival in August.

Homowo (hooting at hunger) is one of the colorful festivals celebrated by the Ga people of Ghana. Homowo is greatly celebrated in all the towns in the Ga state with celebrations climaxing in Gamashie.

The celebration begins with the planting of maize, which will be used in preparing the food for the festival named Kpokpoi or Kpekple. During this period, noise making is prohibited or banned since it is believed that it disturbs the gods.The meal is eaten with Palm Nut Soup and it is also sprinkled within the town. This is normally done by traditional leaders and family heads.

Homowo Festival In Ghana

Celebration includes marching down roads and streets beating drums, chanting, face painting, singing and traditional dances. Even though the celebration of Homowo is a Ga tradition, many other ethnic groups are welcomed to also join in the celebration. The homowo festival of the Ga tribe is believed to have a lineage from the Jewish tribe and its ancestral tradition of the Jewish Passover feast.

Some of the towns that celebrate Homowo are La, Teshie, Nungua, Osu, Ga-Mashie, Tema among others.


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